Peanut Garlic Dry Chutney (a dry sauce mix)

There are days that I reach back from work and find myself just not upto making something elaborate. Rice gets done in a jiffy and I just need something quick which I can just mix with Rice ( I use unpolished brown rice always but this works for the white rice and the sticky rice too) So I use this coarsely ground mix which gets done in about 10 minutes….so here goes


Onion – 1 large

Garlic Pods : 10-12 big ones

Peanuts with skin roasted – 50 gms

Green Chili – 1 nos

Raw Coconut pieces – a handful

Red Chili Powder – 1 teaspoon ( This is optional depending on your spice need since you are already using green chili. The Red Chili powder gives a bit of color to the mix but your choice.

Salt – To Taste

Juice of One Lemon

Method :

Mix all the above ingredients in a grinder and lightly whisk it so that you get a coarse mix so that nothing in the mix is fully ground into a paste. You should be able to feel the bite when you eat. Drizzle some coconut oil onto the mix and there you are…your mix is done and a simple meal of rice mixed with this mix is fast , easy to digest and of course gives you healthy carbs…proteins ….the goodness of raw onions and garlic…and a great accompaniment to any dish.

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